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Timothy Puro
Monroe Furniture Restoration is the culmination of my life long passion for wood working and furniture restoration. I have been repairing, restoring and refinishing furniture for clients in Bloomington and Monroe County since 2002.

I started working on furniture when I was 12 years old, fixing up old furniture with my father. Since then I have received formal training in furniture restoration from the National Institute of Wood Finishing and the Marc Adams School of Woodworking where I serve as an instructor.

In 2011 Peter Brockman joined my shop as a craftsman. Pete is a skilled cabinet maker and a graduate of the prestigious Fine Furniture program at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka California. In addition to his furniture repair and restoration skills, Pete is a professional musician and a graduate of the IU School of Music.

Pete and I enjoy repairing and restoring furniture and making it useful and beautiful again. Please call or email me us and let's talk about restoring your furniture.
Monroe Furniture Restoration
3748 W. Maple Leaf Drive
Timothy Puro

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